Full Circle

We have come full circle on our Chile geology field trip, and are now back at the Department.  After a week in the heat and aridity of Chile’s austral summer, we are bundling up again with the coats, hats, and gloves we left behind, before we head out into Ann Arbor’s winter.  

It has been a fantastic trip this year! Thanks to all the students for their enthusiastic participation. Thanks to Daniele, from the Universidad de Chile, who joined us for the journey. His travel experience in many of the areas we visited, as well as his assistance with communications and logistics was invaluable. Thanks to Centinela, BHP-Billton, and Coldelco for hosting us at their respective mine sites. Thanks to the Chilean who tracked us down through the Internet to return a student’s lost cell phone; an example of the many helpful and friendly folks we encountered during our trip. 

And, finally, a big thanks to the various donors who helped make this trip possible. Activities like this are an invaluable part of any geoscientist’s education, no matter whether they are just starting out, or a seasoned professional.

My apologies for the typos and mistakes in the blog along the way. On our tight schedule proof-reading was not generally an option, and auto-correct often gets the best of things when it comes to scientific terminology and non-English words and names.

Next up we will be gathering and sharing photos from everyone on the trip. Look for a link to a “best of” album here soon…

And, keep your eyes on this space for our next field trip. Maybe the Florida Keys at the end of this semester?


Everyone showed up on time. We had a very smooth drive through Santiago to the airport, very little traffic to deal with today. Returning the rental cars went much quicker than checking them out, but still slower than one would think is needed. Now to check-in, and some last minute shopping.