End of Trip

While the Florida field trip is not yet over, I myself am at the Miami airport awaiting a flight to Turkey. I’ll be participating in a Kelsey Museum archaeological project at Notion for the next three weeks. So sadly I am missing the last few outcrops and the drive back to Ann Arbor.  

I wish everyone safe travels home. And, I look forward to sharing more photographs, especially the GoPro pictures and videos folks took during our snorkeling trips, soon. 


Returning to dock at Pennekamp brings to an end the group portion of our trip. From here we have several people heading off to Alabama to collect samples for research. We have one heading to the Miami airport to join an archaeological expedition in Turkey. And, several more to drop off tomorrow along the way back north through at the University of Florida and near Orlando. 


Dry Rocks

Everyone is excited to be back on the water! The first stop on today’s snorkel trip is Dry Rocks. This sites gives us a chance to explore the fore-reef and some deeper back reef and channel sections, as compared with last Monday’s visit to Grecian Rocks. 


Reef Day Two

Up bright and early again for a second snorkeling expedition. After a quick breakfast at Starbicks or cafe con leche at Denny’s Latin Cafe, we’re back at Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. This morning we are hoping to head out to Dry Rocks, a slightly deeper, farther offshore area of reef. We will see what the weather holds for us…