Will it or Won’t it…

The MODOT website today did not bode well for our back roads travel plans. In the end we found a few of our stops through Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma blocked, underwater, or it was raining too hard, though we did get to make enough stops to explore classic Kansas cyclothems. The Weather finally let us go though, finishing with flurries in Osage Hills as we prepared dinner.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

After a long drive from Ann Arbor the skies opened on us in southern Illinois. We were dogged the rest of the way by lines of storms and strong winds. While we did manage to brave the weather for one outcrop west of St. Louis, there was so much rain, that our plan to camp at Meramec State Park was literally washed away. We ended up in a motel for the night instead.

Upcoming 2017 Field Trips

Shortly after the Winter 2017 semester ends, two groups of students will be embarking on EARTH field trips. The first group leaves on Graduation Day, and heads to Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, to visit some of the most iconic National Parks in the US, as well as points of geologic interest along the way in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The second, leaving later in May, heads to New Zealand.

For students participating in the Southwest trip, there are field trip maps and guidebook information available in ArcGIS Online (access is restricted to participants due to inclusion of copy-righted materials). You can download the materials for offline use in Collector for ArcGIS on whatever mobile devices you are bringing on the trip.

Stay tuned for updates from the field…